Meraki Studios

We are a full-service agency servicing artists & record labels across the whole industry spectrum, from creative production, to marketing, to business development.


We are constantly investing in R&D to improve, optimize and discover new ways to market our client's music.

We take a technology-driven, consumer-centric approach to marketing, to provide the most efficient way to build or grow a project that will live on the long run.

Streaming Optimization

Focusing on Spotify and YouTube, we gather information from the performance of our wide catalogue to get to know the algorithms that decide what content breaks through and we use the data we obtain to create a stystematic way to improve an artist's catalogue organic performance.

DSP promotion

We levarage our partnerships and the variety offered by our catalogue to provide and negotiate placements across all the major DSPs

Public Relations

We provide PR consultancy for our clients both for chrisis management and for growth. We also provide direct connections with trusted publicists that have partnered with us.

Social Media Marketing

We provide content consultancy & growth solutions for our clients focusing on advertising, brand/influencer collaborations, content & cross-platform optimization.

Creative Production

We aknowledge the product is at the root of a good campaign, so we are able to provide all-round creative production to reduce costs, times and tie everything in one campaign improving efficiency, form simple consultancies to full size productions.

Music Video Production

Our award-winning productions are flexible for all price points. We provide an in-house production team for small projects & have line and executive producers to handle big budget videos efficiently thanks to our experience and connections.

Studio recording

We have a network of recording studios across Italy that have partnered with us and can provide state of the art services for a more convenient price then the one destined to the public.

Session producers & songwriters

We have a roster of music producers and songwriters with great experience and who can assist the artist to deliver a hit.


We have highly trained photographers to provide photoshoots for our local artists.

Business Development

Spending in marketing and creative production won't help unless there is a strong business strategy making it all sustainable.

We work with artists and labels to create unique business strategies taylored to their brand, vision, and current situation.

Artist Representation

We are able to represent & assist artists in pitching and negotiations with third parties. We are also able to provide legal consultancy thanks to our direct connections with specialized law firms.


We are able to provide debt-free artist funding where applicable through sponsorships or back catalogue rights sales

Business Strategy

We work hand in hand with teams to define a strong, long-term business strategy built for success around the team's necessities and possibilities.



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